Sexual harassment

I was talking to a lesbian friend yesterday about how lesbians indicate interest in another lesbian. She is very attractive and gets a lot of interest from other lesbians. But as she said – “A woman will say to me something like, you want to go for a coffee, or you want to get together? Most of the time I say no. She will go okay, or uhmmm and then walk away…

But when guys used to come on to me it would be – come on, you will love it, you know we should get together, we would be great together. I used to have to say no 3, 4, 5 times, before they would actually believe that I really wasn’t interested in them.”

And its true. Straight women do have lots of pressure from men who are interested, to get them to agree to date them or become their partner. And lesbians generally just don’t behave like this.

So next time you say no to a woman who is interested in you, just be glad you only have to say it once.


About happylesbian

I love being a lesbian. I have a great girlfriend and lots of amazing lesbian friends.
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